Why should I join the Rent it Right leasing scheme?

There are many reasons why, for some landlords, leasing their property to the local authority is preferable to using a high street letting agent or going it alone. Our dedicated team take the stress out of letting a property as we will chase rents, assist with tenancy disputes, carry out regular property visits, complete the time-consuming and legally required paperwork and potentially manage any maintenance issues for an additional fee.

We will ensure your property is let in accordance with all the latest legislation and guidelines.

What type of property is suitable for this scheme?

We are looking for properties within the Portsmouth area that are in good state of repair and meet all current health and safety standards.

What are the current Health and Safety Standards?

You must have a valid Gas Safety Certificate, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a Carbon Monoxide alarm and we also recommend having an up-to-date Electrical Safety Certificate.

I want to lease my property. Do I need to tell my mortgage lender?

Yes. If your property currently has a homeowner mortgage outstanding on it, you must inform your lender that you wish to lease the property and obtain their permission before you can lease your property.

How will the value of my property be assessed?

Our dedicated team member will conduct a full evaluation of your property and then we will be able to tell you how much rent per month you could expect. The rent is based on the number of bedrooms in the property and is restricted by the Local Housing Allowance threshold.

Who signs the tenancy agreement, Portsmouth City Council or the tenant?

The tenancy agreement will be signed by the tenant and Portsmouth City Council on behalf of the landlord.

Who covers the rent payments? Is it the Council or the tenant directly?

We will make quarterly payments to the landlord in advance and we will collect the rent from the tenant. The landlord can rest assured that there will be no rent arrears as we take on the role of chasing the tenant for rent arrears. The benefit is also that there are periods of non-payment of rent or rent arrears as we swallow that cost.

How often will the property be inspected?

We would inspect the property on a quarterly basis.

Who organises repairs and maintenance work?

If you opt for the repairs package, we will take full responsibility for the upkeep all the time we are managing your property. We cover the repair costs for you unless the damage is too great and the item is beyond economical repair and would need replacing. We have an extensive database of trusted tradesmen, suppliers and contractors we can rely on when your property needs to be repaired or vital maintenance work is required.

We want to be responsible landlords and we are currently looking at the Rent it Right Accreditation Scheme, what are the benefits for us?

The Landlord Accreditation Scheme is one branch of the overarching Rent it Right product. Through the accreditation scheme, the landlord has to register and after we have approved the application, the landlord can upload their own properties onto the website and choose their own tenants and manage the property themselves. If you also want to lease your property to us, we would work with people who have a housing need.

Can I trust my tenants to take good care of my property?

It is impossible to guarantee that your tenants will look after your home in the way you would hope, but as part of our Rent it Right leasehold service, a dedicated team member will manage the tenancy and will carry out regular visits to check on the condition of the property.