Rubbish, Recycling and Food waste collection

A reminder to please ensure that you have the correct size black wheelie bin at your HMO property.   Below is a table showing the size bin that you should have depending on how many tenants you have.

Number of bedrooms in HMO Size of refuse bin needed Size of recycling bin needed
3 180 litres 240 litres
 4 to 5 240 litres 240 litres
 6 to 7 360 litres 360 litres
8 to 10 360 litres and a 140 litres 360 litres
11 to 12 360 litres and a 240 litres 360 litres and a 240 litres
More than 12 2 x 360 litres 2 x 360 litres


If you do not have the correct sized bin, or for further information please email  [email protected].

Food Waste Collection update

Portsmouth City Council will be trialling food waste collections in 5 areas of Portsmouth for a 6 month trial. The trials are due to start mid-September.  Information will be available soon on the council website, including the roads involved. Residents will receive a letter notifying them of the trial before the food waste caddies and information packs are delivered.