About Us


Portsmouth City Council's Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LAS) was launched in 2010 to recognise the good practice of landlords and agents and improve conditions in the private rented sector. The scheme has grown in strength and support throughout the years and has members with varying portfolios as well as well-established letting and management agents.

We understand that people become landlords for an array of reasons i.e. investment, business or they have 'fallen into' it. The scheme offers help and support for every type of landlord, working together to improve conditions in the private rented sector.

In light of the recent changes that have affected the rules and regulations concerning the private rental market, Portsmouth City Council have decided to re-launch the LAS under the brand Rent it Right. Rent it Right recognises good practice and aims to improve the conditions in the private rented sector by providing help and support to its members.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of Rent it Right is to recognise those landlords in the city that offer their tenants well maintained 'decent' homes and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

By doing so we hope that the tenants will benefit from having landlords they can trust and building long-term relationships which are mutually beneficial.

How the scheme operates

On application, landlords will:

  • Be committed to supporting, promoting and working in partnership with the scheme and the Local Authority
  • For the sole purpose of enabling audits to be carried out, provide the Rent it Right team with a full list of properties owned or managed by them for which they are seeking accreditation
  • Provide access to properties for the Rent it Right team or other officers to carry out inspections and checks
  • Ensure that all their properties meet the requirements of the scheme, or alternatively where properties are not fully compliant, agree a schedule of works to bring the property up to minimum standards, within a reasonable timescale
  • Be given the reasons in writing if their application is unsuccessful
  • Be entitled to a right of appeal to the Rent it Right team