Access scheme

Would you like to put something back into the community and help households find affordable housing and help us to tackle a shortage of housing in the City and prevent homelessness? Working directly with our Access scheme, we can provide the following service FREE of charge:

  • Help in finding tenants.
  • Tenant checks.
  • Inventory checks.
  • Tenancy agreements provided and deposits secured.
  • Dealing with tenancy issues either about the property or complaints made about the tenants
  • Collection of rent and dealing with rent arrears

Access Scheme Information

There are two options under the Access scheme which are managed by Housing Options. These are a bond guarantee for private rented accommodation or leasehold.

The bond guarantee scheme

The bond scheme is a guarantee to landlords that Portsmouth City Council will cover damage and loss to the property up to the value of one calendar month of rent. It does not cover wear and tear or rent arrears. The bond lasts for the first 24 months of the tenancy. 

  • The service is free and available to all Landlords who own properties within Portsmouth
  • Housing Options will provide a single point of contact to landlords and tenants 
  • You will receive a guarantee against loss or damage up to one calendar month’s rent
  • The scheme will know of potential tenants looking for properties and should therefore enable you to fill existing vacancies as quickly as possible
  • There is no introduction fee for finding a tenant
  • There are no advertising costs
  • Housing Options will advise the tenant or landlord about the type of tenancy agreement, inventory, safety checks, furniture and housing benefit claim
  • A free and detailed inventory will be carried out on your behalf at the beginning and end of the tenancy to cover any claims made against the bond.
  • The scheme will aim to assist with the processing of Housing Benefit claims 
  • For the duration of the tenancy Housing Options will advise and mediate between the tenant and liaise with the Housing Benefit Section, if required 

Leasehold Scheme

Are you looking for a guaranteed rent each month without having to lift a finger? If that is the case, our leasehold scheme could be the one for you. Housing Options provides a full management service, including regular day to day management, to ensure that your property is well maintained and in the same condition as when you signed the agreement with us. 

The amount of rent you  receive is less than the current market rent, but we feel this is still great value for anyone who just wants to see the value of their assets grow, have a regular income, but without any headaches.

The property would need to be unfurnished with just floor coverings. No white goods should be left in the property. A current Energy Performance Certificate along with Gas, Electric & Asbestos certificates will be required for the property. A survey would also need to be completed to ensure that the property is free of any damp issues. 

We currently have around 40 properties. The properties are leased from owners for a period of 3-5 years with the option to renew after the intial period.

Portsmouth City Council collect rent from the tenants, manages the tenancy and any issues. Portsmouth City Council is responsible under the lease for repairs to the property. If any major repairs are required i.e. structural issues or replacing heating systems the owner would be contacted to discuss the works and arrange to get the required work completed.

Under the lease there is a 6 month break clause which means either Portsmouth City Council  or the owner can activate the notice period. The property is handed back to the owner in a similar decorative state and condition to when the property was leased.

  • Guaranteed rent payments from 3-5 years even when the property is empty
  • Rent paid quarterly
  • Property returned with full vacant possession
  • Regular property inspections
  • Single point of contact in Housing Options for the tenant and landlord 

How much rent will I recieve and how is it calculated?

Each property is individually assessed. The table below details the current Local Housing Allowance rates for this year in Portsmouth.  The amounts are based on the rents that most people pay in the Portsmouth City Council area, and are valid from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. These figures are not necessarily the rent you will receive as a landlord for your property - only after an assessment of the property will the rent be confirmed.

Type of accommodation Weekly local housing allowance
Shared £69.04
One bedroom property £116.53
Two bedroom property £144.36
Three bedroom property £172.60
Four bedroom property £240.00


For further information about the Access scheme email [email protected].