Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The aims of Rent it Right are to provide landlords with information and professional development opportunities to:-

  • Allow them to operate successful businesses
  • Provide their tenants with safe and high quality accommodation
  • Reduce the need for intervention from local authorities

The scheme supports and encourages the continuous professional development (CPD) of its members so that they are able to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills to a sufficiently high standard of professional competence in the management of landlords/tenants issues and of property standards. The CPD program validates and acts as a quality assurance for the competency of Accredited Landlords.

Rent it Right requires members to achieve 20 points per year

CPD points will be awarded for the following activities:

Activity Conditions CPD points awarded
Membership of the National Landlord Association CPD points awarded for each membership year 5 points per year
Membership of Portsmouth District Landlord Association (PDPLA) or any other recognised landlord association or membership of a recognised professional body which encourages good practice. CPD points awarded for each membership year however it will not be awarded in multiples for each membership. 5 points per year
Attendance to HHSRS day course (or other full day course) CPD will be awarded for each event attended and completed. 10 points
Rent it Right AM or PM seminar courses CPD will be awarded for each event attended and completed. 5 points
Rent it Right E-learning courses on topics relating to tenancy issues, housing act, legislation and other relevant topics. CPD will be awarded for passing the online assessment. 5 points
Seminars/courses run by other professional bodies relating to Landlord/tenancy/property subjects. Details to be submitted to the scheme support team who will award points depending on hours committed and level of relevance. 2-7 points
Completion of relevant CPD points in other professional fields (ARLA, RICS, SRA, etc) Details to be submitted to the scheme support team 5 points
Local Authority participation (responding to questionnaires, taking part in meetings, group sessions, etc) The scheme support team will advise how many points will be awarded when members are invited to attend. Members must ensure that they have a record from the LA of their attendance. 1 + points

Conditions of obtaining CPD with Rent it Right

  • Landlords must retain evidence of attendance at events and activities as these may be requested at time of re-accreditation
  • Spot checks will be conducted from time to time
  • Landlords to record details of their CPD on the website
  • Local authorities may issue CPD certificates to landlords/agents who participate in local authority events
  • Penalties for provision of false information or miss-recording may include expulsion from Rent it Right.

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